Blog name explained
Why Hitchhiker ?

As a Science fiction enthusiast, one day I was chatting with a friend of mine about good Sci-Fi books, then he asked me if I knew The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I didn’t know the book back then, nor what hitchhiker meant, but I felt immediately in love with the word and it sounded so damn cool that it stuck in my head forever.

One year passed, during which I was thinking about starting blogging, but never been serious about it, until the day I read this amazing blog post by Scott Hanselman.

Now I’m into it, but first let’s find a name (because I didn’t want to give it mine), hm well! you know what happens when you start thinking of a name …

It’s the blackout

So I skipped it and started thinking about how I learned what I know today, that it was in a big part because of those thousands open source libraries, those threads on those forums, those blog posts, that someone, somewhere in this vast big blue planet created. At that exact moment the word Hitchhiker popped up in my head as a logical result of my thinking and I said to myself, hell yeah!

We are Hitchhikers in the road of open source knowledge.

In a road where those who have cars (some kind of knowledge - and we all have) give free rides to us and we keep moving forward unlocking new levels, sometimes our cars are functional but when they’re not we hitchhike with the others.

So here we go buddy ! we have arrived, I hope that you enjoyed the ride ! and Remember ! Build your own car ! and if it’s broken, come back here ! I’ll be glad to help you reach your next destination in this infinite road of learning :).